Where does my pain come from? Can I still use my knee? How bad is it?

Severe Knee Pain

There are many different factors that may cause severe knee pain. Among the risk factors are aging, strenuous physical activities, and injuries due to accidents or trauma. Nevertheless, the most unbearable pain is commonly caused by trauma injuries.

Knee Injuries and Severe Knee Pain

Injuries, regardless of the cause, can greatly affect the knee and the area surrounding it. Torn or broken ligaments, tendons, cartilages and bones can give you severe knee pain. The complexity of the knee structure and the simple fact that the knee is a very active and weight-bearing part of the body, make it prone to injuries.

To help you understand this, here are the common injuries that may cause severe knee pain:

    • Torn ligaments.
      Trauma or impact can cause severe damage to the medial collateral ligament and cruciate ligaments. Immediate pain is generally felt by a person with torn ligaments, but there are times when the pain is hard to localize. Generally, a ligament injury is painful even at rest. It may or may not appear swollen, but most of the time, the area will feel warmer compared to other body parts.

Severe knee pain

  • Torn Miniscus.
    Meniscus tears usually happen after forced rotations of the knee due to sharp, hasty motions. A torn miniscus may cause very severe knee pain and is very common to people who do fast sports, but older people have a higher risk of suffering from meniscus tears even while doing slow-paced tasks.
  • Tendinitis.
    Knee tendinitis is caused by inflamed tendons. Patellar tendinitis, or “jumper’s knee” takes place at the patellar tendon and is typically caused by strained activities like jumping, hence the name. The condition is characterized by tenderness and pain around the area.
  • Fracture.
    Severe knee pain can also be caused by bone fractures. Breakage of any of the three knee bones may occur during impact traumas and vehicular accidents. This condition is usually serious and your doctor may require you to go through knee surgery, in which he or she repairs the broken bone. You may be required to use casts or braces after the surgery, as well.


Taking care of the knees is essential to keep it functioning well. Severe pain must not be taken for granted, since you don’t know what the real cause is until proper knee diagnosis. Never hesitate to talk to your doctor if you experience severe knee pain. Your doctor will guide you to the treatment process he or she may consider fitting.